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Aankondiging van de conferentie n.a.v. project Inclusion: .






Comparative Education of Deaf Children
New Developments Related to

Educational Support Services and Cochlear Implants





This first announcement is meant to draw your attention to a conference on the education of deaf children. This conference is of international importance and is related to the transatlantic ?Project Inclusion? with partners of the U.S.A., Germany, Greece, The Netherlands and Sweden. See www.rit.edu/inclusion.



Conference date


Monday, July 12 through Thursday, July 15, 2004


Call for papers


The conference committee invites participants to submit abstracts. In the abstract the author is requested to refer to the suggestions of topics below if possible:


Models for the support of deaf children in mainstream schools. Which approaches work where and why?

How have recent educational and social policies affected the movement of deaf children into the mainstream? Which models and practices appear to be effective? Does mainstreaming result in improved language, faster maturation, and better job opportunities? Which children do best in the mainstream? Which support services are critical to academic success?


The emergence of Cochlear Implants as a strategy for Inclusion? What

did we learn and what will the future bring?
How has CI influenced educational placement, communication style, language development, academic performance, and job options? What impact has CI had on the traditional educational program for deaf children? How are the new support services for CI children organised? How do educational/rehabilitation support services relate to the medical services and other services? How is CI support services funded? How can the deaf community be fully informed and involved in the CI support service model?





Submit your abstract by mail or email including the following information:

         title of paper or presentation and 500 word (max) abstract;

         full name of the author(s) and name of the institution, university or school;

         describe presentation preference and possible computer support;

         note interpreter support, if needed.


Introduction and target groups of the conference


The intent of the conference is an exchange on models for support of deaf children in mainstream schools. ?Which approach works with whom, where and why??

Every effort will be made to encourage dialogue and discussion on these and related topics. Much time will be available for questions and answers. During the conference workshops, time will also be reserved for "Hot Topics and Provocative Questions".


The aim is to gather teachers, support specialists, parents and deaf people who are interested in a comparative study of the inclusion of deaf people in society. It is likely that the participants will include faculty and former students from Project Inclusion of Germany, Greece, U.S.A. and The Netherlands (see www.rit.edu/inclusion) as well as selected representatives from other EU countries and Asia.


Overview of draft programme with main topics


In The Netherlands educational and social policies facilitate the mainstream of deaf children. The ?Key Notes? or ?Road Map? of the conference will address the topics as mentioned in the draft programme below.

Special attention will be given to the inclusion of deaf children with a coclear implant in the mainstream setting.


Viataal has significant experience in the education of deaf persons. One of their services is rehabilitation of children and adults with cochlaire implants (CI). A multi-disciplinary team has provided technical and rehabilitation services to more than 180 children and 200 adults with CI over the past 12 years. They have collected a wide range of data on their clients.


                   Draft Programme:

Monday                                     July, 12                           Registration and opening, plenary lectures.


                                                        Tuesday                                    July, 13                           Plenary lectures, concurrent sessions and workshops.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Topics:                  Diagnosis, rehabilitation and early intervention.


Wednesday    July, 14                           Plenary lectures, concurrent sessions and workshops.

Topics:                 Pre-school programme and primary school education.


Thursday                          July, 15                           Plenary lectures, concurrent sessions and workshops.

Topics:                 Secondary school, higher secondary school and post

secondary education.

Closure:      Plenary session.





The conference language will be English. Sign language interpreters have to be provided by the participants according to their national sign language.





March 1, 2004                                                         Deadline abstract submission to Drs. Lieke de Leuw

(e-mail: Viataal.International@viataal.nl)

April1,                                                                                                        Announcement of programme
May15,                                                                                                       Deadline Pre-registration Fee

June30,                                                                                                      Deadline Registration Fee

July1,                                                                                                                  Closing the registration for the Conference

July12,                                                                                                                Conference starts at noon





                                                                       Conference participation

Pre-registration Fee till May15                                                                                                    :                  Euro 125 per person

Registration Fee between May 15 - July1 :                  Euro 150 per person


       Cancellation received before May 15, 50% of the fee will be refunded.

       Cancellation between May 15 ? July 1 the refund will be 25%.

       No refunds for cancellations after July


Hotel accommodation

Hotel accommodation is not included in the conference fee. Participants have to make their own reservations. Cost is approximately 60-80 Euro p.p.p. night (single room).





Viataal (the new name for Instituut voor Doven)

Unit Viataal International
Theerestraat 42

5271 GD Sint-Michielsgestel
The Netherlands





The conference will be held at the campus of Viataal, The Netherlands (address see above). Participants will stay in local hotels of their choice in the region of Sint-Michielsgestel. The campus of Viataal is situated in the small but beautiful village of Sint-Michielsgestel (see www.sint-michielsgestel.nl) near the town of

?s-Hertogenbosch (see www.s-hertogenbosch.nl), English version available.

?s-Hertogenbosch is about 1 hour by train from Amsterdam.


Social Programme


Before and after the conference and at the end of each day, sightseeing may be possible at one?s own expense.



Members of the organising committee of Viataal, The Netherlands:


Mrs. Lieke de Leuw, chair

Mr. Frank van Dillen

Mr. Wilco Kolbrink

Mrs. Sabine Kriele

Mrs. Betty Maas

Mr. Jan van Weert



International co-ordinators


Dr. Lars-Ake Domfors, University of Orebro, Sweden

( e-mail lars-ake.domfors@pi.oru.se )

Dr. Venetta Lampropoulou, University of Patras, Greece

( e-mail v.lampropoulou@upatras.gr )

                                                        Drs. Lieke de Leuw, Viataal, The Netherlands

( e-mail Viataal.International@viataal.nl )

                                                        Dr. Ken Nash, National Technical Institute for the Deaf, USA

( e-mail krnnis@ritvax.rit.edu )



For questions:


Viataal International

Drs. L. de Leuw

e-mail: Viataal.International@viataal.nl

Phone number          +31-73-5588310/333

Fax number             +31-73-5517897


Postal address

Theerestraat 42

5271 GD Sint Michielsgestel

The Netherlands






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